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      At last she heard the familiar tread of the postman's heavy boots, and saw his shining oilskin hat moving above the edge of the hollies, and heard the click of the iron latch as he came into the little garden.

      "He has made it already, as he said he would," thought Doctor Remy to himself. "And the chances are that he won't live to alter it.

      Norman Druce, he said.Thats not a name, he explained; thats a title. Im called lord because my father was in the peerage; but you know all that.

      The doctor's reflections were short and swift. To the bystanders, there seemed to be only the natural, deliberate pause of the careful physician, before deciding upon the case presented to him. Nor was Rue's patience greatly tried, ere his answer to her question was ready for her.


      "What next?"


      His work. What was it? To walk in a vain shadow? To disquiet himself in vain? To heap up riches for an unknown gatherer? To write his name high on the temple of Fame? To become a philanthropist, or a reformer? No; but to "apply his heart unto wisdom."They had talked of Victor Hugo's romantic storythat romance which the great man so despised in after years that he was almost offended if any one presumed to praise it in his hearing, although in the half-century that has gone since Victor Hugo was a young man this story of Notre Dame has been unsurpassed as an example of the romantic novel. Lostwithiel had praised the book, and had talked of the monk Frollo, and his fatal loveand that word Fatality, graven upon the wall of his cell, and burnt into his soul.


      "Never mind defending him," said Doctor Remy, with a curl of the lip. "What have you to say for yourself?"